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April 12, 2011
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It was a sunny day in Unova, and Lucario was enjoying a pleasant stroll through Pinwheel Forest. He enjoyed his daily walks through the forest, and he loved to see all the other wild Pokémon run free. Every now and then, Lucario would see a human. Lucario always avoided the humans. The Pokémon with them usually looked pretty happy, but Lucario had decided that he would never be caught. He would run wild and free for the rest of his life. He had trained since he was a Riolu, mostly in Victory Road and Challenger's Cave. Buy the time he had evolved into the Lucario he was today, he had powerful muscles under his blue, tan, and black fur. The spikes protruding from his chest and paws were razor sharp, and his sense of smell and hearing was unmatched.     
Lucario was almost to the road heading off to Skyarrow Bridge, when he heard a noise off in the distance. About a half mile off, he saw a group of four Pokémon gathered at the base of a large tree. There was a Machamp, a Seviper, a Krookodile, and an Emboar. They were all laughing and gloating about something. On closer inspection, Lucario saw exactly what. There was a fifth Pokémon: A young Buneary. She was grasped in the Machamp's hand and was being thrown against the tree over and over, while the others stood and watched, laughing. Lucario was there in a flash.
"What are you doing?!" He exclaimed. The Machamp looked at him, leering, holding Buneary by the ear in one hand.
"We're teaching this runt a lesson." With that, Machamp turned and smashed Buneary into the tree again. Buneary let out a cry of pain. But as Machamp was rearing back to do it again, Lucario's front paw slammed into his jaw. The Machamp went stumbling back, and Buneary landed safely in Lucario's arms. All the others hissed and growled. Machamp rose to his feet, and punched one fist into the palm of the other.
"You're gonna pay for that! GET THAT BASTARD!" He roared. All four of them charged Lucario. Lucario knew he had to do something fast. So, as the four got close enough to bite and/or punch him, he leaped over their heads and landed behind them.  Then he placed the Buneary down in the grass and prepared to fight.
First up was the Emboar. Lucario was weak against fire, so he knew he had to take that one out first. Emboar pulled back and delivered a Fire Punch technique. His fist slammed a tree, incinerating it. But Lucario was gone. Emboar spun around and saw Lucario, his right paw glowing with a blue aura. Emboar swung again, but Lucario activated his ExtremeSpeed technique and dodged it easily. Then, moving faster than anyone had seen, he smashed his Force Palm into Emboar's gut. Emboar was blasted backwards against a tree, which fell over from the force, and Emboar slumped to the ground, defeated. Seviper stuck then, her fangs digging themselves into the spot Lucario had been a millisecond ago. Seviper growled. She had never seen someone with such impressive speed.
Without warning she spun around, striking as fast as she could, but again, Lucario evaded her. She struck again and Lucario leaped up into the air to get away. Seviper followed, reaching as far as her body would allow. Time seemed to stop as Lucario placed his paws against each other, and then separated them so that the palms were only about five inches apart. A glowing white orb began to appear, spinning in his paws. Then, transferring the orb to one paw, Lucario hurled it at Seviper's gaping maw. The Aura Sphere shot straight into Seviper's open mouth and exploded. Seviper let out a pained gurgling sound, and she fell to the forest floor. Lucario hit the ground an instant later, landing lightly on his feet. Machamp was speechless. Seviper and Emboar were both motionless on the ground, and Krookodile was nowhere to be seen. Lucario stood tall, his orange eyes flashing.
"I won't hurt you." He said. "Just walk away."
The Machamp roared "In your dreams, you little shit!"
"I'm not impressed." Lucario answered smoothly.
The Machamp leaped forward, already launching punches with all four arms. Lucario recognized it as a Close Combat technique and activated ExtremeSpeed, making him able to dodge all the punches by leaping and ducking. Machamp growled at his inability to hit Lucario, who performed a long back flip, and landed soundly on a rotted log. Machamp, instead of following, used Strength, picked up a huge boulder, and hurled it at Lucario. Lucario leaped off the log, and delivered a solid mid-air kick to the rock. The boulder shatterd and Lucario shot through the fragments at blinding speed. Before Machamp could react, Lucario unleashed his own Close Combat technique. Hundreds of punches pounded Machamp, until he fell, head over heels, and collapsed.  
The forest was silent for a moment. Then there was a loud cracking noise and Krookodile's upper body emerged from underground. Lucario leaped backwards, Krookodile's jaws missing him by inches. Krookodile growled and ducked underground again. There was the sound of tunneling, then silence. Lucario stood perfectly still, eyes closed. He had encountered the Dig technique before, and knew that it was a hard one to beat. The user could travel unseen through the earth, then pop up and attack anywhere. Krookodile had seen the fall of Seviper and Emboar, and had decided to hide and prepare a surprise attack. In order to catch him, Lucario would need laser-fast reflexes, and very keen hearing. Fortunately, Lucario had both.  
All these calculations raced through Lucario's brain as he stood, not moving an inch. A slight breeze ruffled his fur, but he didn't move a muscle. Then, all at once, Lucario plunged his arm deep into the ground, up to his shoulder, and pulled. His arm withdrew from the dirt, holding Krookodile's tail. Lucario pulled up with all his might, yanking Krookodile straight out of the ground, and threw him against a large boulder. The Krookodile climbed to his feet, and launched himself at Lucario. His teeth gleamed in the sunlight, but Lucario didn't move. He stood his ground, and right when Krookodile though he had won, thrust up his paw. The startled Pokémon ran straight into Lucario's Force Palm. For a moment, no one moved. Then Krookodile slid to his knees, then collapsed. The forest was quiet again.
The Buneary slowly crawled out from the bush that she had been cowering in, and walked toward Lucario.
"Th-Thank you sir!"
Lucario smiled down at the small Pokémon.
"No problem, my friend." He said kindly. "What happened?"
Buneary looked scared as she replied, "I went into the forest to find some berries, and those guys just jumped out at me!"
Lucario knelt down so that he could be at the Buneary's eye level. "Do you have a trainer?" he asked.
"Ye-yeah. In Nacrene city."
"That's not too far. Come on."
Lucario took the Buneary buy the hand, and they walked off together toward Nacrene city. When they reached it, Buneary immediately let out a cry of joy and ran toward a girl standing outside a Pokémon Center. The girl wore a white shirt, with a black vest over it. She had extremely bouncy brown hair, held in place by her white and red hat. She also wore a pair of shorts that were so small, the ends of the pockets were sticking out the bottoms.
The girl let out a cry of joy and scooped Buneary into her arms. She held her close, and then looked up to see where she had suddenly appeared from. When she saw Lucario she gasped, and reached into her bag for a poke ball. When she looked up again, he had gone, and the street was empty except for a small tuft of blue fur fluttering in the breeze. The girl sighed, thinking of how nice it would have been to have such a rare and valuable Pokémon. Then she turned, and walked back into the Pokémon Center with Buneary over her shoulder. But as the door opened, Buneary looked back, and waved toward a nearby tree. Perched in the top branches of the tree, Lucario smiled, and waved back at his new friend.
A story about Lucario and Lopunny

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Ribien619 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
dude.. where did you get this story?
did you just making it?
fred321123 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
it actully started out as just a short story of Lucario beating up a bunch of pokemon and it just evolved
ReviseAndEdit Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
It evolved... I see what you did there
Ribien619 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Hmm... Ok...let me read the story hahahahahahha.....
MexicanYoshiFriend Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Great story you got here! Will definitley finish reading this soon:la:
lucariodragon Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Student Artist
this is a good story
fred321123 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
thank you!!!
Frozen-He4rt Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
It's not a bad story you have here. Only a couple of things is slightly wrong and that's with the attacks Lucario used. The fight moves that Lucario used should not have had much affect against the Machamp, Seviper and Emboar to allow him a swift victory.
fred321123 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, but The whole reason I made Lucario use those moves is because those are the moves that my Lucario uses on my Pokemon black game. I wasn't really thinking about affectiveness. I just wante to make it a good story. thanks for the comment!
Frozen-He4rt Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011
i didn't mean to seem to critical ^ ^ sorry if i did.

why don't you teach your lucario a couple of different moves? too many fight moves may end up hindering a great pokemon.

My Lucario, Cairo (lvl 100) has an assortment of moves which work well; Earthquake, Aura sphere, dragon pulse and flash cannon.

These moves work really well for lucarios.
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